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Be The Nicest House on The Block!
Waddell Arizona Residential Paint

Admire your home when you pull into your driveway

No one likes looking at their home thinking it's faded and plain ugly. We'll help you get back to being the nicest house on your street! And since we only use premium paint by Dunn Edwards your paint job will LAST!

How We Can Help

Our Exterior Painting Process:

Choose Your Paint Colors:

We have a color expert that we partner with that would love to help you choose your colors or you can choose them on your own. If you live in a HOA you'll submit your chosen color scheme to get approved (we can help with this if needed!).  

Prep Work:

Start by giving your stucco a good bath. Pressure wash that dirt off, and fix any holes or cracks with some stucco patch.


Seal Imperfections:

Caulk up any gaps and joints so water doesn't sneak in where it shouldn't.



 If your exterior is a dark color and you're having it painted light, we'll use a quality exterior primer. 

Mask & Cover:

Protect your windows, doors, and anything else that's not getting a fresh coat with tape and plastic sheeting. No one likes accidental paint splatters.



We'll apply our favorite Dunn Edwards Premium Exterior paint by our quality airless paint sprayer. All of our paint is freshly mixed the day before your project to ensure quality.


Double Up:

Two coats, minimum. Let each one dry properly before slapping on the next. The first coat gets sprayed top to bottom and the second coat gets prayed left to right. This ensures an even, full coverage paint application.


Quality Check:

Once the paint is dry, take a stroll and inspect the coverage.


Peel off the tape and plastic sheeting and clean up the work areas.


Client Satisfaction:

Take your client on a walk around their property and admire the outcome! We don't leave without our clients 100% satisfaction with their project!

Scottsdale, AZ Exterior

Let us help you love your home again!

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