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Your House Will Instantly Feel Fresh, New and Ready to Entertain!
Scottsdale, AZ Interior Paint
Scottsdale, AZ Interior Paint

Feel Refreshed in Your Home

As professional interior house painters, we use proven products, exact techniques, and expert attention to detail to make your home a showpiece! Spray AZ can handle any type of job.

How We Can Help
Our interior home painting process:

Choose Your Paint Colors:

We have a color expert that we partner with that would love to help you choose your colors or you can choose them on your own. 

Move Furniture/wall art:

We ask that our clients remove anything that is on the walls and move furniture towards the middle of the room before we arrive. If something is too heavy, we are happy to help!

Mask & Cover:

Protect your windows, doors, ceiling, baseboards and anything else that's not getting a fresh coat with tape and plastic sheeting. No one likes accidental paint splatters.


Calk small holes and/or repair drywall when needed. 



If your walls are a dark color and you're having it painted light, we'll use a quality exterior primer before painting. 

Spray/Roll the Paint:

We'll apply our favorite Dunn Edwards Premium interior paint either by our quality airless paint sprayer or by rolling it depending on if the home is furnished or not. All of our paint is freshly mixed the day before your project to ensure quality.


Double Up:

Two coats, minimum. Let each one dry properly before slapping on the next. The first coat gets sprayed top to bottom and the second coat gets prayed left to right. This ensures an even, full coverage paint application.


Quality Check:

Once the paint is dry, take a stroll and inspect the coverage.


Peel off the tape and plastic sheeting and clean up the work areas.


Client Satisfaction:

Take your client on a walk around their home and admire the outcome! We don't leave without our clients 100% satisfaction with their project!

Scottsdale, AZ Interior
Interior Painting FAQ's
What Finish Do You Recommend For Interiors?

The choice of paint finish for interior walls, baseboards, ceilings, and doors can depend on your personal preferences, the specific room, and the level of traffic and wear and tear. Here are some common recommendations for each surface:

  1.       Interior Walls:

    • Eggshell Finish: This is a popular choice for walls. It has a slight sheen that is easy to clean and provides a subtle, smooth appearance. It strikes a good balance between durability and aesthetics.

    • Baseboards and Trim:

    • Semi-Gloss or Gloss Finish: These finishes are more durable and can withstand the occasional scuffs and cleaning. They provide a noticeable shine and a polished look. Semi-gloss is a common choice for baseboards and moldings.

    • Ceilings:

    • Flat or Matte Finish: Ceilings are typically painted with a flat or matte finish. This finish hides imperfections and does not reflect much light, giving the ceiling a smooth, clean appearance.


    • Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss Finish: Similar to baseboards, doors benefit from a more durable finish like semi-gloss or high-gloss. These finishes are easy to clean and add a shine that complements the door's appearance.


How Long Does it Take To Paint A Full Interior?

The time it takes to paint a full interior depends on various factors, including the size of the space, the number of rooms, the complexity of the project, If the home is furnished or not, ect.


 For an average size house it would take a 5 days or less to complete the entire home.

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